… I’ll be there to get the audience on their feet — both literally and figuratively. 😉

My heart centered talks are designed to wake up the souls of listeners; bringing them the excitement, ah-ha’s, and breakthroughs that help them feel deeply connected to themselves, God, and their own inner “choreography” at the highest level ever.

I help attendees realize that joy, ease and freedom are possible — no matter what perceived misstep or obstacle might currently be in their way.

Co-creating with the universe is available to you, no matter what you’re dealing with.

That’s why every time I step on stage, my goal is to remind listeners who they are, and shift their perspective to see the value of their deep knowing and instincts.

Whether it’s a group of 10, 20, or 100+ people, with a solid helping of good humor, true (and occasionally blunt) stories, and movement, I create fun, transformational moments — and maybe a few tears — that audiences can carry with them for a lifetime.



Prefer hands-on group experiences? Take a peek at a few of the workshops I offer and the impact they will have on your audience:

Claim Your Confidence

  • The 6 Quick Fix Confidence Boosters  to Increase Self Esteem Right NOW!

Intuitive and Impactful Dance Classroom Results

  • Clear steps to ensure your students receive your desired results faster... and with more ease

Activate your Whole Body Alignment

  • The 4 Whole Body Pathways to alignment that jumpstart your students into knowing exactly how to move their bodies

Emotional Support Secrets

  • The 5 Surefire Strategies to emotionally support your dancers NOW to bring forth their BEST!

Mental Strength Techniques

  • Discover the quick-start guide to mental strength and a motivational mindset

Optimal onstage results NOW!

  • The top 5 keys to optimal onstage results that leave your dancer feeling fulfilled

Re-energize and Calm Your Body

  • Discover a quick way to connect to your body and soul every time you teach... and bring passion back into what you do

Claim your Parental Confidence

  • How to get you from the comparison default to confidence brilliance

Goodbye Fear, Hello Empowerment

  • How to get you from FEAR to EMPOWERMENT in 3 Easy Steps

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