Ensemble Choreography

the vision of You, Inc.


This program sets the stage towards creative action in establishing a blueprint for you and your company.

This vision will lead YOU and YOUR GROUP’S COMPANY (or each of your companies if you’re a group of entrepreneurs) to the heart of what is most important.

Note: this package can be done in tandem with The Vision of You ensemble coaching package.

Each package is custom-designed for each group at a go-at-your-own pace approach.

These sessions are perfect for you and a team of co-collaborators if you:

  • Have been working for others your whole life doing other people’s choreography - and you’re sick of doing it someone else’s way.
  • Are sick of not being listened to when they have an idea
  • Feel stuck working in an environment where you can’t be who you are
  • Are the soloist stuck in the ensemble line (like Cassie from A Chorus Line)
  • Are a soloist who WANTS to be in the ensemble, but don’t fit in there. You’re born to stand out, baby!
  • Feel disconnected from what you're doing (even if you loved it in the beginning), and want to feel alive again.
  • Aren’t happy in your relationship or job, or your life’s path anymore.
  • Aren’t living your purpose and you want to make a change
  • Are at a transition point in life -- career change, empty nest, a big move, relationships shifting, etc. -- and need to remember who you are
  • Know you’re seen as successful on the outside, but deep down you still feel like you haven’t found “your thing”
  • Crave more presence, passion, and purpose, and want to get back connected to what you really love to do, and who you really want to be.
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The Vision of You Inc. is is designed to help you and your cohort:

  • Explore and expand who you all are, and what you want as artists, through a seven step visioning process
  • Own and express you and your company’s gifts, talents, skills, and capabilities
  • Build confidence, assuredness, and faith in your abilities to choose what is in alignment with your current and future artistic and life vision
  • Learn a structured process for managing time and resources to balance work-life-play integration
  • Establish you and your company’s core values
  • Create a conscious relationship with yourself and within your company
  • Build confidence, assuredness, and faith in your abilities to make empowered decisions about your current and future company vision
  • Develop a clear perspective of who you and your company are
    Communicate effectively and efficiently
  • Prepare your portfolio to live a life of ease and joy

What this coaching package includes:

  • Unlimited access to a Master Certified Coach -- a set number of group sessions with me via video call
  • Additional homework, resources, worksheets, videos, etc. as needed.
  • Emergency contact access, where you can reach out in between sessions if there’s ever a problem
  • Strengths Assessment (online assessment $19.99)
  • A gorgeous welcome kit with goodies hand-picked just for you.
  • Access to the 7-step Choreographing your Life’s path workbook, which begins with a deep self-assessment that dives into your habits, patterns, and history so we can explore the gifts and challenges at play.

    We’ll work together to define your next destination in life and business. What do you want most? What have you always dreamed of, but never dared imagine was possible? From there, we’ll chart a course to make it happen.

  • Guidance to become the CEO of your life as well as your work -- so you’ll manage your time better, get paid what you’re worth, and set yourself up for the kind of success you deserve.
  • Tools and exercises to help you get back in touch with your body, and step your self care up to 11. It’s not just about creating a healthy lifestyle - it’s about creating a healthstyle that works with your busy life.
  • A definitive, repeatable process behind figuring out what you want, and how to set up your body and habits to get you there.
  • Access to a network of like minded and hearted individuals

And at the end of it all? You will all be…

  • Feeling completely reconnected to yourself, your gifts, and that unique magic only you have
  • Centered and fulfilled in your relationship to your business, and feel excited about everything to come
  • Clear on your core messaging and value proposition
  • One of those people who looks at their life in total awe and thinks “Holy @$#%, I ceated this…”
  • Confidently living your dream, and walking the path you deserve with stronger relationships, more success, more freedom, more space to create, and beyond.
  • Connected to your passion, instead of just going through the moments.
  • Happier and healthier, and watching the people close to you feel the same as you lead by example.
  • Connect to spirit/source on such a level that you’ll attract everything you want in life with an unstoppable, joyful abundance mentality

Ready to begin? Bring the group to the audition, or audition to join a group!

When your audition is accepted, we can set up your group Call Back Discovery Call to explore where you are, what you want, and what your next steps are.