healthstyle meets your lifestyle

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Teaching your group how to step up your self care, get healthy, stop burnout before it starts, and be loving with your mind body and spirit.

Presented in partnership with my life partner, Dr. David Stella, this program teaches people how to know what is essential for their bodies to thrive.

You and your group will learn ways to be clear, anti-age, balance your weight, and connect to your passion and purpose. You will feel nourished, revitalized, restored, and inspired, to choreograph your health style.

Each package is custom-designed for each group at a go-at-your-own pace approach.

These sessions are perfect for you and a team of co-collaborators if you:

  • Feel like you never have time for anything. You’re sick of being busy, busy, busy, and want to create a healthier lifestyle that prioritizes self-care.
  • Are so work-focused, you catch yourself waking up in the middle of the night to check your email
  • Know your body’s holding onto inflammation from stress, but you can’t give yourself enough of a break to release it
  • Think health is a luxury, and prioritize everything over taking care of yourself -- until you end up burned out and in bed for a week and unable to enjoy and live your passion.
  • Are doing what you love but your body doesn’t feel good, and you get tired easily. As a result, the work that’s supposed to be fulfilling is draining your energy

Choreograph Your Life is designed to help you and your cohorts:

  • Understand what you and your body need on all levels of being (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually)
  • Establish a clear pathway in choosing what is best for you
  • Build confidence, assuredness, and faith in YOU and your body
  • Know how to maximize and sustain your energy
  • Get you quick and efficient ways to live optimally and functionally
  • Clarify what your individual body requires at any given time
  • Build your intuition
  • Create balance in your life
  • Enhance the relationship you have with yourself and others

What this coaching package includes:

  • Unlimited access to Dr. David A. Stella (QRA testing, chakra balancing, energy clearing, chiropractic), and Gina Pero (Master Certified Coach, daily movement, mission vision purpose, goal setting)
  • A set number of group sessions with me via video call
  • A Whole Body Assessment Mind, Body, and Spirit workbook and health self-assessment, where you’ll work through every part of your body

    Food & Drink Intake, Daily Movements, Strengths, The 4 Pillars of Health (endocrine system and hormones, gastrointestinal, autonomic nervous system, stress and emotions), Chakras, Presence

  • Passion Purpose Assessment
  • Muscle Testing Techniques
  • Step by step fueling your body process
  • Current and cutting edge educational resources
  • Access to a network of like minded and hearted individuals
  • Quick and efficient daily tools and exercises to live optimally and functionally
  • A gorgeous welcome kit with goodies hand-picked just for you.
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And at the end of our sessions? You will all...

  • Develop a healthstyle that fits your lifestyle, so no matter how busy you are, you schedule the time for self-care, self-love, and nourishing your body
  • Experience a happy, healthy mind, body, and spirit -- with fewer stomach aches, glowing skin, more flexibility less brain fog, and less inflammation
  • Have freedom from the busy-busy-busy hamster wheel to take time from your desk and do what you love -- without the guilt or FOMO
  • Feel crystal clear about your truth, and answers to health problems you've had for years.
  • Know exactly what your body needs when in order to feel and function at its best on all levels

Ready to begin?