Ensemble Choreography

emerging artists


For high school juniors and seniors ready to chart their course to greatness in their creative path (parents and guardians are also included on the journey.)

The Emerging Artist Ensemble Program is designed for groups of juniors and seniors in high school who have a passion for their art and, at this stage, need direct and supportive guidance in choosing their next steps.

Whether it is choosing to go college and/or into the industry, this program will guide your group and your families to choose what is best for you and your optimal health and well-being.

Each package is custom-designed for each group at a go-at-your-own pace approach.

This is perfect for groups 16-18 year olds who:

  • Have a desire to build a life around their art or creative passion (whether that means going to college or university, joining a conservatory, heading straight into the industry or becoming an entrepreneur)
  • Want to understand who they are, what they desire, and how they can connect to the two
  • Are eager to find a program, environment, or career path that fits them, instead of vice versa.
  • Have set the goal to enter adulthood aligned with who they really are, and what they really want.

Are you a parent considering booking for your child? Here’s a peek at what the sessions include:

  • Unlimited access to a Master Certified Coach, and a custom number of group sessions with me via video call
  • Additional homework, resources, worksheets, videos, etc. as needed.
  • Emergency contact access, where you can reach out in between sessions if there’s ever a problem
  • A gorgeous welcome kit with goodies hand-picked just for the emerging artist.
  • The Emerging Artists Workbook that can be used with a parent or guardian as well, where we’ll assess their mind, body, spirit, and their vision for the future. From there, we’ll assess what they need most. We might work on physical or emotional challenges, sorting through their next steps, etc.

    Once the artist is clear on who they are, and feeling settled in their self care routine, we’ll begin to map out what’s next, including what they envision as their new “home away from home”, and the next step in their career journey.

  • Strengths Assessment (online assessment $19.99)
  • Resources and support systems that align with your needs
  • Simple and effective daily living tools
  • Current and cutting edge educational resources
  • Access to a network of like minded and hearted individuals

And at the end of it all? They’ll be…

  • Free from senioritis - their last year of high school is exciting and enjoyable as they work to create their future.
  • Clear around what they want, and where they’re going, that feels good
  • Confident not only in their choices, but that the journey will be enjoyable. No nerves, just motivation.
  • Certain that the program or industry they’ll be entering will give as much to them as they give to it, and get their money’s worth should they choose to enter university or a conservatory
  • Excited for all the abundance they can expect as an artist -- no starving necessary.

Ready to begin? Bring the group to the audition, or audition to join a group!

When your audition is accepted, we can set up your group Call Back Discovery Call to explore where you are, what you want, and what your next steps are.