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Are you a teacher being called in front of others to educate, inspire, and encourage individuals to greatness?

Are you a Leader who has been following the crowd or working for someone else, yet deep down inside you know and have known you were made to stand out, lead, and create your own unique path for you and the world?

I know you are already an amazing teacher and leader — there’s magic that happens when we as teachers and leaders move through this life together. In dance, we call it an ensemble, in coaching we call it a tribe, with me, I call it the WE LANE!

Because I know that once we begin to Embrace the We Lane..the teacher and leader in us begin's to design the steps , choose what they want and when they want, and it all shows up with ease and joy, without a push, and without a punch.  

Are you ready to learn more!?

My dear teacher and leader
I know what it feels like...

  • To put everyone else first and keep asking for more balance and time in your life you’re just not sure who to seek out
  • To do what you truly love, yet someone feel burnt out and exhausted from giving too much output and not enough input
  • Wanting to step into the spotlight, use your voice, express and create beautiful things , and show others that it’s possible ,and yet something is holding you back from shining.
  • Having so many creative ideas and want to explore them all, yet feel like you never have enough time or possibly do not know how they all fit together.
  • Looking at what other teachers and leaders are doing and then get distracted by feeling not good enough and then going to bed with the idea in your journal closed shut in your drawer.
  • Connecting to your own soul and spirit yet somehow feel like sharing that connection may feel like your "not fitting in." However, haven't you always felt that you didn't fit it yet haven't had the courage to shine out.
  • Thinking you need or have to work for someone else to make ends meet, yet you know you have the power to click your heels 3x and all things appear real.

Imagine what your life would feel like if you…

  • Scheduled your self time before anyone else's time, filling you up first so you were able to actually give 100% and feel energized at the end of the day.
  • Do what you love and be so healthy, balanced, and mind, body, spirit  fit that you always get to do what you love and feel free in your body.
  • Chose to Shine who you are fully in the world without judgment or fear of what others may say or do giving you creative freedom and joy.
  • Learned how to strategize efficiently so your ideas are seen and felt by the world one step at a time...while getting paid!
  • Connected to like minded and hearted people just like you, leaving you feeling a part of something, a sense belonging, and knowing you are not alone.
  • Fully expressed your soul and spirit and others saw and felt the real you and began to fully express their own.
  • Thought you were enough, can work for yourself and become THE YOU INC with ease and joy knowing that you are in full creative say of your presence, your passion, and your purpose.

That’s what I’m here for fellow teachers and leaders, to guide you into embracing the teacher and leader you want to become

Are you ready to hit the music and take the first step with me?

What’s your style?

I work 1-1, in groups, and offer step by step coaching programs.

My coaching sessions and programs are weaved together  through my experience's as a lifelong performing artist, teacher, and Certified Master Coach.