The Ultimate


The Ultimate
Minute to Win it

A step by step movement routine for you to feel fierce, fabulous, and fun all day long. For all beings who love to move, this is a safe choreographed minute routine, filled with body isolations, Rockette style fun, and proven dance steps that increase your serotonin, balance your brain, and improve circulation and flexibility.

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Dear Soul,

Are you a movement lover?

Do you want to feel energized by music, movement, and a motivated heart?

Have you ever wondered, " hmmm, Id love to learn

a famous Rockette signature move.

I was a Radio City Rockette for 3 years until I receievd gui'dance' that my dance steps were needed to be moving to the beat of my soulful drum. Have you heard your soulful beat before leading you across the dance floor to a new step?

Since I love movement, music, and lead a life with a motivated heart, I decided to choreograph this 1 minute to win it , fun, fabulous, and fierce routine for YOU to feel ready to dance to the soulful beat of your own drum.


Are you ready to hit the music and learn the first step?

PS: This is for all movement lovers.


Infinite Love and Gratitude,


Gina Pero is an ICF Master Coach and Transformational Speaker inspiring audiences with her innovative approach and mastery in fun energizing performance and communication. She is the CEO and Founder of Gina Pero, Embracing You, and The Peroettes.

   Gina's 6 - Figure Business was created through her ability to heal her pain through holistic modalities in overcoming scoliosis, a brain and spinal injury performing with The Radio City Rockette’s, and a professional dance career that led her to look within her self rejection, and self abuse.

   She is a highly regarded leader, speaker,  and trainer , teaching heart centered , high achieving performers , coaches, speakers,  and teachers, how to easily live their life with ease, grace, and fun.

   She is passionate about creating simple and easy process’s and steps so people can easily implement and add more ease and joy to their precious life and lifestyle.

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