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Teachable Moments and Tools For Life with Gemma Freitas


What natural gifts do you have? What is faith? Who are you listening to? Humility: Patience: Dance: Giving: Self-Love: Approach to life: Family: Injuries: Being Still: Gina Pero Creator and Host: The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out Elite Performance Coach Dance/Movement Specialist Speaker Standing in your presence leads your passion into purpos  

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Gemma Freitas: Juilliard Dance Graduate, Princess Grace Award


Gemma Freitas shares her story growing up in Buffalo, NY and wanting to become a professional dancer when her aesthetic didn’t show people it was possible. She speaks on her love for dance, auditioning for Juilliard, the challenges of injuries, how her faith keeps her going and accomplishing her dreams.  She takes you through many […]

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Q & A: Gina Pero


Q & A: Gina Pero   1. What is the best way to find team? 2. What is your coaching program like? 3. How do you know what’s best for you? 4. What do you do to stay grounded and true to yourself?     Blessings, Gina Subscribe Now for FREE tips, facts, an inspirational ways […]

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Empowering Words for the New Year


Host, Gina Pero shares ways she accomplished all she has this 2017, how she built her podcast and why she is doing it. She discusses why self-work has everything to do with who she is and where she right  now . She brings forth her own insecurities and fears and talks about how the  the […]

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Happy New Year with Host Gina Pero


Gina Pero takes us through her 2016 journey, what she has learned, her podcast journey, how she has branded herself, and what’s to come in 2017.   Get to know your host and who she is right now and what she will be bringing you all this 2017. Within one year, anything and all is […]

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New Year’s Questions


This episode gifts you with the questions to expand and open your heart and soul to new possibilities. These questions will awaken you to a greater effort, enthusiasm, and creativity. They will prepare you for your portfolio ahead. They will start your life’s vision for 2017.   Gina Pero Creator and Host: The Gina Pero […]

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Teachable Moments from Gina Pero


This is replay of Gina’s second episode: On this episode of the Gina Pero Show, Gina provides tools and ways for you and your loved ones to live full out with feeling. Gina Pero Website Premier Dance Network website

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Gina Pero: Host and Creator’s Mission/Story


An in depth interview with Gina Pero, The Creator and Host of The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out. Laci Urcioli, president of One Six Media Group and Podcast Expert, takes Gina through a series of questions allowing her audience to get to know her story, her “why “behind the show, and share the […]

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Q & A: Rockettes


Q & A: Rockettes   1. What is work week like?   2. What is a tool for mental strength?   3. What is a step to trusting yourself?   4. How do you handle the rest of your life while performing as a Rockette?     Gina Pero Creator and Host: The Gina Pero […]

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