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William Carr: Photo Visionary and Conservationist


William’s artistic vantage displays an understated complexity within his visual composition. Each image commands attention with vivid secret views into places exotic and foreign. An innovative approach to the visual language of photography. William Carr travels like a native through distant lands, understanding the eloquence and subtlety of different cultures and their relationship with the […]

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Q & A: Interpersonal Effectiveness


Q & A: Interpersonal Effectiveness    1. What is interpersonal effectiveness?   2. What are some effective questions we can ask ourselves as we choose relationships?   3. What are ways we can be aware and calm ourselves down when our flight or flight is firing?    4. What are some resources on this topic?

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Interpersonal Effectiveness


Dr. Barbara Fritts, a clinical psychologist talks about what interpersonal effectiveness is, how it connects to the first 4 episodes prior to this, and ways we can be effective in all of our relationships, including the one with ourselves.

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Q & A : Mindfulness


Q & A : Mindfulness   1. What is mindfulness?   2. How can we include mindfulness in our daily life?   3. What are the benefits of a mindfulness practice ?   4. What are some children’s resources on this topic?

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Empowering Words for Your Soul


Gina reminds us of what mindfulness is, the importance of it in our daily lives, and how to choose to be present.  What would it feel like to live a life right now, right here, and in this moment everyday?

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Dr. Barbara Fritts: Mindfulness


Dr. Barbara takes us through a mindfulness meditation,  describes mindfulness, the benefits of it, and the causes of some dis-ease’s we have in our daily lives. 

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Q & A: Control


1. What is a way people can be aware that control is leading their life?   2. What is one way we can start making effective choices in our life?   3. What is one way we can start honoring our body?  

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Empowering Words for Your Soul


Gina replays the most important information you need to know about the topic of CONTROL. You will hear how to be aware of when you are trying to be in control and what you actually have control over.  Learn how to express your feelings and the importance of them for your everyday health and well […]

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Dr. Barbara Fritts: CONTROL


Dr. Barbara Fritts explains what control is, the symptoms and ways in which we choose control and solutions to live with more inner peace and joy. This episode gives examples, stories, and tangible ways to understand our inner chaos and turn it into joy and ease. Learn new choices you can make to live fully.  […]

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Q & A: Being a Perfectionist


Q & A: Being a Perfectionist 1. What is perfectionism? 2. What are general symptoms of being a perfectionist?   3. What are ways ”artists” become perfectionistic?   4. What is the effect of social media and perfectionism?   5. How does perfectionism show up in our relationships?   6. What is the cost of […]

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Empowering Words for Your Soul


Gina speaks the key points from Dr. Barbara’s episode on perfectionism. You will learn what it is, the symptoms and some solutions for you and your family. 

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Dr. Barbara Fritts talks about perfectionism and what it is and ways to understand yourself and this topic. An episode that will leave you with clarity, identity, and awareness. 

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Q & A: Dr. Barbara Fritts


Q & A: Dr. Barbara Fritts 1. What is a clinical psychologist?   2. What is mental health?   3. What is self talk?   4. What is a tool to start being aware of your mind?

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Empowering Words for Your Soul


Gina  shares Dr. Barbara Fritts’s key moments on the topic of mental health. Are you listening and honoring your body? Are you living a life in ease and grace? Are you aware of your self talk? Did you know it is possible to live without dis-ease in your body?

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Dr. Barbara Fritts: Clinical psychologist


Dr. Barbara Fritts is a licensed clinical psychologist who works in private practice at Walpole Behavioral Healthcare in Walpole, Massachusetts. She received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 2012 from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, following a B.A. in Psychology, emphasis in Women’s Studies, from Elmira College in 2003. Her areas of clinical specialty include […]

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Q & A: Dorian Sanchez


Q & A: Dorian Sanchez 1. What is healing?   2. What is a way we can receive “news?”   3. What is surrendering? How can we connect to our “source?”   4. What is a way people can heal who are in a vulnerable state and/or in the unknown?

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Empowering Words for Your Soul


Gina shares Doriana Sanchez’s teachable moments and healing modalities through her journey with a brain tumor. An episode that will remind you of the divine, signs the universe has for you, receiving, love, and the power of “Im Ok” and asking for help. 

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Doriana Sanchez: World Renowned Choreographer: Brain Tumor Survivor


Doriana Sanchez is an Emmy Award nominee, World Choreography Award Recipient for Cher D2K Tour. She received a TEA award for Outstanding achievement for the Crane Dance in Singapore Harbor, the largest animatronics and water spectacular in the world. For Superstar Cher, she has Directed and Choreographed the D2K, Living Proof, Believe and Love Hurts, […]

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Q & A: Laurie Napoleone: Mother affected by her son’s Cancer


1. What is important about family and faith? 2. What is one way that you move through the darkness?   3. How can we be a part of The Michael Napoleone Foundation and what is it?   4. What is the mark you want to leave this world with?    

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Empowering Words for Your Soul


Gina replays Laurie Napoleone’s teachable moments and ways she handled her son’s death to cancer. You will experience the importance of family , faith, and fun. You will witness the power of being and how precious our life is. This episode will remind you of who you are and whats important to you right now. […]

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