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Becoming Your Best Self


This episode combines empowering words and lessons from love coach, Bex Burton, grief recovery specialist, Iman Gatti, and executive coach, Jessika Maja Magnusson. These women will inspire you with tools to achieving the highest form of self love, incorporating a daily practice of forgiveness, and following your greater sense of purpose to live a life […]

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Q&A: Inside Ballet


Gabrielle Del Re Klug: 1. What do you think the importance is for young individuals to have a structure at an early age?   2. What is a daily practice you have that helps you in being present?   Melissa Sandvig:   1. When a dancer is going through that state of perfectionism, what is […]

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Inside Ballet


This episode combines stories and life lessons from professional ballet dancers, Gabrielle Del Re Klug, Elizabeth Parkinson, and Melissa Sandvig. These inspiring artists share their journeys in discovering their passions for ballet, as well as, the obstacles they’ve faced in pursuing their dreams. This episode gifts you with an inside look at the world of […]

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Q&A: Overcoming Obstacles as a Female Teenager


Cat Rian: 1. What are the challenges in choosing performance as a career? 2. What keeps you following your passion?   Kayla Gonzalez: 1. What has helped you the most in handling alopecia? 2. How do you balance school and dance?   Drew Stanley: 1. What has helped you the most in being away from […]

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Overcoming Obstacles as a FEMALE Teenager:


This episode combines life lessons and ways to overcome obstacles from teenagers, Cat Rian, Kayla Gonzalez, and Drew Stanley. These young girls share their stories and provide daily tools on how to achieve your goals, conquer self-doubt, and allow your heart to guide you in living a life full out. 

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Q & A: Ways to fuel a functionally fit life


Holly Sharpe:  1. What is healthy living? 2. What is functional living? Rachel Fine: 1. What is a first step to fueling my life? 2. How important is creating a conscious relationship with food in becoming a performing artist? Justin Martin: 1. What is a healthy motivator? 2. How do you make choices?

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A Medley of Ways to Live a Functionally Fit LIfe


This episode combines life lessons from personal trainer, Justin Martin, fitness expert, Holly Sharpe, and nutrition expert Rachel Fine, to guide you in living a functionally fit life. These health and wellness experts share their stories and provide tips on how to fuel your body to live your most optimal life on all levels of […]

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Healing Your One Precious Body


A medley of healing actions we can take from these beautiful lightworkers  Jane Mann, Minette Sanchez, and Michelle LynRay Dubh:    This episode combines the short stories and lessons from previous guests, Skin Expert, Jane Mann, Internal Energist, Minette Sanchez, and Master Body Worker Michelle LynRay Dubh.  In a medley of healing words , actions, and empowerment, Each […]

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Mission : Purpose : LIVE from Velocity Dance Convention


Gina Pero: Mission : Purpose : LIVE from Velocity Dance Convention    In this special episode of The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out, host, Gina Pero, speaks on her mission to bring awareness into our dance community, live from Planet Hollywood at Velocity Dance Convention Nationals. In this episode, Gina shares her “aha” moments after a brain injury, which led her […]

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Henry Ruginis: 9 year old male dancer/MVA Winner 2017


Q & A: Henry Ruginis: Live from Velocity Dance Convention   On this episode of The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out, 9 year old, Henry Ruginis, shares his experience as a male MVA mini dancer, live from Planet Hollywood at Velocity Dance Convention Nationals. Listen to this episode as Henry answers questions about how […]

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Q & A Melissa Sandvig:


When a dancer is going through that state of perfectionism, what is an exercise you can offer them to be able to let go and enjoy dance? What does “Living Life Full Out” mean to you? What is your perspective on going to college or not as a dancer?  

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Melissa Sandvig: Professional Ballet Dancer/Teacher


Melissa, originally from Orange County, began touring with the Los Angeles Classical Ballet while still in high school. After graduation she joined the Milwaukee Ballet and dance soloist roles for six years. Melissa’s credits include roles on Glee, DWTS, AGT, Mobbed, Hart of Dixie, The Young and the Restless and LXD. She has performed motion […]

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LIVE: Q & A: Mark Goodman


Q & A: Mark Goodman     1. What is one thing you look for when you are judging?   2. What does “Living Life Full Out” mean to you?   3. What is one thing you do to build your confidence?

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The Gina Pero Show Introduces You to Mark Goodman


Live from Planet Hollywood at Velocity Dance Convention Nationals, this episode of The Gina Pero Show introduces you to Mark Goodman, teacher at Velocity Dance Convention. In this episode, Mark shares his story and how his passion for tap has, and continues to inspire him, and those around him, daily. Mark’s story will inspire you […]

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One year anniversary episode


This episode brings you a medley of empowering words from, creator and host, Gina Pero, and the purpose behind The Gina Pero Show. In this episode, Gina Pero shares what “living life full out” means to her, along with 4 daily tools that will inspire you to starting living life full out with feeling every […]

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Medley of Empowering Words to Fill Your Soul


This episode brings you what it means to live life full out. Listen as Gemma Bender, Karen Turnbull, Doriana Sanchez, David Mehler, Bill May, Laurie Napoleone, Luis Salgado, Francisco Gella, and Mario Spinetti share what living life full out means to them. 

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Q & A: A Medley of Empowering Questions


This episode brings you some of the most empowering questions with answers from past guests including, Don Mirault, Elizabeth Parkinson, David Mehler, Mario Spinetti, Bex Burton, Iman Gatti, Minette Sanchez, Adam Cates, and Jessika Maja Magnusson. Q & A: A medley of empowering questions Don Mirault: What is most important in deciding whether or not […]

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Teachable Moments Medley


Gina Pero takes you through the Teachable Moments inspired from guests of this past season. These lessons will empower you to take action in becoming the best you that you can be. This episode will leave you with the tools to open your heart and soul to infinite possibilities.

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A Medley of Empowering Words


This episode combines some of the most empowering lessons from guests of this past season. Listen to inspiring words from Gina Pero, Gemma Bender, Mark Porteous, Adam Cates, Jessika Maja Magnusson, Holly Sharpe, Robert Contreras, Bex Burton, Mario Spinetti, Alexa Blair Robertson, Doriana Sanchez, Tony Testa, Dr. Barbara Fritts, William Carr, Dana Wilson, Francisco Gella, […]

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Empowering Words for Your Soul


Gina speaks to the importance of our life’s path and shares William Carr’s insight, wisdom, and photographic experiences.  

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