This episode brings you some of the most empowering questions with answers from past guests including, Don Mirault, Elizabeth Parkinson, David Mehler, Mario Spinetti, Bex Burton, Iman Gatti, Minette Sanchez, Adam Cates, and Jessika Maja Magnusson. Q & A: A medley of empowering questions Don Mirault: What is most important in deciding whether or not to perform professionally? Elizabeth Parkinson: How do you stay humble in your everyday walk? David Mehler: What is a pain most people associate with? Mario Spinetti: What is your definition of “hearts contents” and what does “follow your heart” really mean? Bex Burton: What does “letting go of expectation” mean and what is a way to do that? Imam Gatti: What are daily practices to practice self love? Minette Sanchez: How can I begin to receive and what really is receiving? Adam Cates: What is the difference between needing something and loving it? Jessika Maja Magnusson: What are a couple questions you can ask yourself to start living a life in purpose?