Media training was an important skill Gina learned as a Radio City Rockette to be efficient on TV.  From newspapers to magazines, and radio read and/or listen to the inspiration Gina shares in these interviews.

The Buddha Brunch: Lets Talk Spirit

Inspired Messengers Network:How to stand in your presence, passion, and purpose

Dragon Fit Interview : A Healthy Lifestyle

DragonFit Interview  “Living healthy is individual for each person, what someone needs to do for their own self is what they have to learn.” Tell us a bit about yourself & what makes […]

Dance Informa : Turning My Pain Into Our Purpose

Originally posted on Dance Informa’s Linda Badger recently had the privilege of speaking with Gina Pero. Pero is a renowned dance artist currently based in Las Vegas, with immense experience spanning the […]

From Batavia NY to Radio City

Ah, the grand premier! Gina Pero remembers it well. She was four years old and already inspired by the spirit of dance. So inspired, in fact, that she danced right into the stage […]

Gina gives back to her small town

Gina Pero knows her spine is her lifeline. My spine is what allows me to sit, to stand, to look side-to-side, Pero told a collection of dancers at a master class Saturday. It’s […]

Internal Energies Interview

Vibrant Raw Living Podcast

Vibrant Raw Living Podcast Join Victoria as she interviews Gina Pero about her experience as a professional dancer, Radio City Rockette, and model, and how a unique twist of fate lead to her […]




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