Karen Turnbull shares her story about her husbands cancer. She has found a new purpose behind her dance career as a teacher and choreographer. During the course, of what is currently a four year journey with her husband fighting aggressive Thyroid cancer that spread to his brain, Karen has been forced to rediscover the gift and true meaning of why she dances. Dance is more then movement to Karen it is a life force, an energy more powerful then fear, an escape form the pain that can be all to real. Battling against the destructive energy of cancer, battling for her husband’s life and for her family’s joy Karen has found a  new gift in dance and in teaching. She embraces each day as the gift it is and instills that passion for life in each of her classes. Karen’s students enter her class knowing that each class is about that moment in time. Dance is storytelling, dance is emotion…raw and unfiltered emotion. Bring it all into the studio and onto stage. Life is hard and beautiful at the same time…just like dance!