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Gina's empowering presentations, trainings,  and interviews  are designed to teach heart centered and HIGH PERFORMING ACHIEVERS how to create a clear and confident "customized" soul aligned approach to life resulting in an abundance of more ease and joy.

She is known for waking up the souls of the audience and listeners; bringing them to a higher level of presence, passion,  purpose, and prosperity.

Gina teaches attendees to realize that joy, ease, and freedom are possible — no matter what perceived misstep or obstacle might currently be in their way -including their neverending long "to-do" list.

Gina's clear communication approach of real life examples, step by step strategies, and authentic conversational style connects with her audience which ensures your booking a heart centered and highly sought-after professional speaker and teacher.

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Gina is available for speaking engagements and interviews online and in person for companies focused on personal and professional development for adults and youth, and industry-specific trainings. Gina is widely regarded as an expert in her field. She puts her heart and soul into every event. When you work with Gina,  she is 100% commited and passionate to esuring your audience receives the best. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS GINA'S ONE SHEET.

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About The Peroettes

A powerful group of professional women leading a life in presence and purpose through the artform of dance , storytelling, and transformational entertainment. We stand for the beauty within. We stand for turning our passion into perogmrnace, our perofmrnace into purpose, and our purpose into a prosperous life with ease joy and fun. We acknowledge ourselves through self love, self care, and self emowemrnet . We choose to share our onstage and offstage gifts with the world. we choose to see, hear, and love each other for who we are. WE are here to turn the light up in the world .

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