Q & A: Henry Ruginis: Live from Velocity Dance Convention   On this episode of The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out, 9 year old, Henry Ruginis, shares his experience as a male MVA mini dancer, live from Planet Hollywood at Velocity Dance Convention Nationals. Listen to this episode as Henry answers questions about how he began dancing, what his favorite style of dance is, and what “Living Life Full Out” means to him.   

  1. How old are you?
  2. How did you get started in dance?
  3. What is your favorite style of dance?
  4. What advice would you give kids your age who want to dance?
  5. What are you grateful for?
  6. What else do you want to share?
  7. What does “Living Life Full Out” mean to you?
  8. What challenges do you face as a male dancer in a female dominated dance world?