An in depth interview with Gina Pero, The Creator and Host of The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out.

Laci Urcioli, president of One Six Media Group and Podcast Expert, takes Gina through a series of questions allowing her audience to get to know her story, her “why “behind the show, and share the moments that she started to live full out with feeling. As you get to know Gina, you will be encouraged to listen each week as she takes on a journey  through real life stories that create connection to and from the human heart.

Gina shares her pain in overcoming scoliosis, not getting hired her 4th season as a Radio City Rockette, amongst the importance of her team while following her passion for dance. Her faithful living will expand your perspective and her genuine heart will leave you with a smile.  Get ready to get inside The mind, body , and spirit of The Gina Pero Show.

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