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      with Gina Pero

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Receiving Guide

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Dear Soul,

Are you a giver?

Do you sometimes feel you give too much and then you become drained?

Perhaps you feel at times you are not equally given back to.

I too, have been a giver, and enjoy giving to others like you do. I have also felt the same way as you have felt. At times, drained or at times feeling as if I am not getting equal contribution in return.  I am delighted to share these  5 simple steps to receiving that will truly change your giving and receiving dance.

Are you ready to hit the music and take your first step to receiving all of life's gifts?

Infinite Love and Gratitude,


Gina Pero is an ICF Master Coach and Transformational Speaker inspiring audiences with her innovative approach and mastery in communication. She is the CEO and Founder of Gina Pero, Embracing You, and The Peroettes.

   Gina's 6 - Figure Business was created through her ability to heal her pain through holistic modalities in overcoming scoliosis, a brain and spinal injury performing with The Radio City Rockette’s, and a professional dance career that led her to look within her self rejection, and self abuse.

   She is a highly regarded leader and trainer , teaching high achieving performers , coaches and teachers who desire to create a contribution in this lifetime.

   She is passionate about creating simple and easy process’s and steps so people can easily implement and add more ease and joy to their precious life and lifestyle.


These 5 Steps to Receiving will guide you to feel...


 Centered in

your mind, body, and spirit

 Clear in

your mind, body, and spirit

 Confident in asking the highest and

best questions for you

 Patient in allowing the answers

to show up for you in the divine timing

 Free in your mind, body, and spirit

in being able to receive all that is being given to you

Are you ready to hit the music and take the first step!?