I see you high performing achiever. I hear you creative, sensitive soul. I know you have been led to connect with me right here, right now.

Whether it's 1-1 or in a group, both virtually and in person, I LOVE CO-CREATING  a safe, unconditional loving space for high achieving performers. These teens, teachers, and leaders desire a healthy and  aligned lifestyle  by embracing themselves, their art, and their gifts they want to contribute to the world.

I have no doubt you have arrived right here on purpose.


Because I know what it feels like. 

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  • Craving more connection to yourself and others but your crazy schedule keeps you checking off tasks.
  • You're just not sure of what you truly need.
  • Loving your art, your gifts, and wishing to love your whole life, but it's wearing you out more than filling you up right now.
  • Wanting to step into the spotlight, create beautiful things for the world, and show others that it’s possible for them to do the same… but your energy is drained by your desire to always be the best and overexerting yourself.
  • Having so much love to give and energy to share with your friends, students, and loved ones, but being caught up in the cycle of burnout instead. You want to take better care of yourself in mind,  body, and spirit, however, you're too busy checking off your to do list and not creating time for your self care list.
  • Pleasing what others and the world wants you to be and forgetting who you want to be.  Perhaps, this is where perfectionista is running your life.
  • Comparing your unique path to others and finding out that there is no one like you- that your way is a new way, a new path, and perhaps you want to follow instead of lead.
  • Realizing you want to be abundant, create and become the CEO of YOU because you have a vision you want to see come alive

I know exactly how you’re feeling, because I’ve been there too.


So I created A simple, easy, efficient, and fun way for you to:

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  • Embrace YOU and the magnificent being you are through supporting your whole self, gain self motivation, and get excited to check off your self care list as much as your to do list.
  • Balance your energy and feel confident in yourself and your life (not to mention the talents and art you are supposed to share with the world).
  • Be inspired by YOURSELF and everybody around you as you begin taking your creativity and vision to the next level with confidence, clarity, and purpose. Say goodbye to comparing and hello to sharing.
  • Learn how to structure and strategize your life, work, and all you have going on in order to be able to give 100% and be present for you and all of the lives you encounter each day.
  • Connect with your spirit and the power of the universe. Allow things to show up for you instead of pushing, forcing, and making things happen.
  • Align with people, places, and things that match your vibration and encourage you to be you, love you for who you are, and want to see you succeed in every area of your life.
  • Feel all the emotions you need to express with ease and joy and understand emotional processing so you can easily move through any uncomfortable ache, pain, and fear - allowing you to feel freedom in your mind, body, and soul.
  • Become the CEO of YOU - Choose what, where, when, and how YOU want to be, and how you operate in the world.

Are you a High Achieving Dancer, Teacher, or Leader?

ellie soto

"Previous to working with Gina, I was feeling stuck, a lack of clarity, and would often find myself forgetting what my strengths were. Our weekly meetings quickly became my favorite part of the week. They were something I looked forward to because I knew how much better I would immediately feel and how much more clear my mind would be. Since finishing the program, I have regained my confidence, felt more focused and driven, and have had more success than ever in auditioning. Gina gave me the tools to retrain my negative thought patterns and to be able to live in the moment. My future and my goals are more clear than ever. I know what my gift is and how I can share it with the world, which, when it all comes down to it, is the reason we are even here in the first place :)"

- Ellie Soto, Professional Dancer

High Performance Coaching


Whether it's 1-1 or in a group, both virtually and in person, I LOVE CO-CREATING a safe, unconditional loving space for high achieving performers.  These teens, teachers, and leaders desire a healthy and  aligned lifestyle by embracing themselves, their art, and their gifts they want to contribute to the world.

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