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I’m Gina Pero,

Life Choreographer.

Since 2011, I’ve been weaving my lifelong experience of expression as a professional dancer and teacher with my skills as a Certified Master Life Coach to support creatives just like you as they move from other people’s plans, ideals, and “choreography” keeping them stuck — and step into the most powerful, creative, unapologetic versions of themselves.

But wait—what does it mean to choreograph your life?

It means treating your day-to-day experiences as a way to be more in tune with your art, and your heart.

It means developing beautiful routines in your daily life — from your creative process, to your commute, your mornings, and even your daily communications.

It means showing you how you create the space and design the steps (and even the music) that represent the way you want to walk, contribute, and be in the world.

And it’s helping you to do all of this with joy, ease and trust through connecting to something bigger, greater, more. To know that you are not alone in the magnificent manifestation of your life.