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I'm the CEO of The Peroette's and a Master Certified Coach with a BFA in Dance and a Simonson Dance Teacher certification. I've had over 18 years of onstage experience performing and speaking around the globe, teaching dance world wide, and life coaching exceptional talent.

It's my joy to guide my incredible clients to both choreograph their lives into a present, passionate, and purposeful lifestyle, and own their spotlight in work and play. Also being a former Radio City Rockette, I've been an invited guest teacher and speaker nationwide on stages at The University at Buffalo, Juilliard, Hobart and Williams Smith College, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, The American Academy of Ballet, Cirque du Soleil, and Broadway Dance Center.

She’s currently the personal development coach at Los Gatos Ballet.
Gina is the creator of The Gina Pero Show: Embracing You, and has a casual fancy fashion line, The Gina Pero Collection empowering women of all ages to live their hearts desires. Gina has crafted hundreds of Embracing You programs and workshops for individuals and groups who desire living an aligned lifestyle in mind, body, and spirit. She is the Founder and CEO of The Peroette's, turning the light up in the world.

you may be wondering how

  embracing you

became my dance...

Overcoming Scoliosis


At the age of 12, Gina was diagnosed with scoliosis and told she would never dance professionally. She wore a back brace for 5 years, 16 hours a day. She turned her pain into a passionate purpose. Click here for the full story. 


Professional Dancer


After Gina graduated with a BFA from the University at Buffalo, Gina took a leap of faith and began her professional dance career.  Her onstage and performing arts experiences can be seen worldwide.
Check out her professional dance journey!

Professional Dancer1
Professional Dancer2
Professional Dancer3



Gina is 5 foot 5 and a half, and having dealt with scoliosis and body image, she never imagined herself to experience modeling. When a choreographer needed a last minute model for a runway show and he knew Gina's ability to pick up choreography quickly, Gina was chosen to grace the runway. She was named model of the month at her agency, became booked in her beauty and walked again and again. Enjoy her modeling experiences!


Radio City Rockette


In 2007, Gina moved to NYC to continue living her professional dance dreams. When she saw The Radio City Rockettes 75th Anniversary, she knew in her heart it was time to audition and see what was possible. After ONE audition, Gina booked the job and opened the show on tour in Buffalo NY, near her home town, Batavia NY. On opening night, 60 family members were cheering her on with excitement! Check out her journey with The Rockettes here.

Radio City Rockette1
Radio City Rockette2
Radio City Rockette3

Brain and Spinal Injury


Gina experienced a brain injury during her time with The Radio City Rockettes. This was Gods way of turning her unconscious lifestyle into a conscious one. Gina searched for answers and solutions as she experienced the turbulence in her mind, body, and spirit, especially her emotions. Her fight to get back in the show revealed her "fear based" living choices. This "awakening" led Gina to begin peeling the layers of guilt, shame, anger, and fear. For years, she had been in denial of her bodies messages, her bodies asks of her, and her bodies wisdom. It wasn't until she completely surrendered and had to make her brain health most important. The journey of her healing and her "aha" God moments are coming soon. In the meantime, check out her blog and this video of her sharing her story.

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1.- TP.com Backgrounds 2560x1548

 ICF Master Certified Life Coach

Master Certified Life Coach 3
Master Certified Life Coach 1
Master Certified Life Coach 2

In 2011, Gina walked into a Free Life Coaching Workshop in NYC , and left knowing this was her exact next step on her path into purpose. After many many long hours of training, testing, and practice, she became a Professional ICF Certified Coach in 2011.
Gina became a full time life coach specializing in dancers, and then other doors opened up and
In 2020, Gina reached a result in her coaching , she never imagined...
• Over 200 hours of coach specific training
• 10 hours of mentor coaching
• Over 2500 hours of paid coaching services
• Performance evaluations recorded and assesses by an ICF Director.
• Passing of the Coach Knowledge Assessment

This led Gina in receiving her Mastery in Coaching!!
The results in her high achieving clients, both 1-1 and in her groups and workshops can be seen here.

Dance Teacher-Specialty Alignment 3
Dance Teacher-Specialty Alignment2
Dance Teacher-Specialty Alignment 1

Dance Teacher: Specialty Alignment


Teaching Dance is and has been a passion for Gina since a very young age. In 2010, after discovering a way to easily move through her injuries, Gina became certified in Simonson Dance Technique, an organic approach to movement that aligns the body easily and rejuvenates the souls joy to dance. She has been teaching this worldwide for over 10 years, helping people tune into their bodies, and align their mind, body, and spirit, so they can easily access joy in their bodies longterm. Click here to learn more.

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Gina Pero LLC


Need Text...

Media-The Gina Pero Show
Speaker Podcast

The Gina Pero Show


In 2017, Gina was approached by The Premier Dance Network to host her very own podcast show.  WOW!! Gina jumped right into 3 shows a week, focusing on ways to live life full out with feeling interviewing over 100 people, some of which are in the performing arts industry today. With 180 episodes, she knows you will find something that will inspire you to live your life full out!  Here are some of the empowering and educational shows. 

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1.- TP.com Backgrounds 2560x1548
1.- TP.com Backgrounds 2560x1548
1.- TP.com Backgrounds 2560x1548

Salsa in the Park


Gina found an Angel in 2014, when she was healing herself through abusive relationships she had experienced. Salsa Socials became her Friday and Saturday night push to learn how to build trust, let go, and follow. Her friend invited her into the scene and taught Gina how to salsa a bit and In 2015, her and her partner Angel were paid to social salsa in the new Park MGM in Las Vegas. It was one of the best dance and friendship experiences she has had in this lifetime. Gina learned the power of dance as a healing art form and also the power of partner dance for those who have been in abusive relations. She encourages women to use dance as a way to connect to their inner power and inner wings. She knows that angels are everywhere, so she also encourages people to ask for their angels as they need them.

The Gina Pero Collection 2
The Gina Pero Collection 1

The Gina Pero Collection


In the summer of 2016, Gina was approached by Sugar and Bruno, a dance fashion company to collaborate and co-create something inspiring. The Casual Fancy , Gina Pero Collection was co-created with a mission to empower girls with scoliosis wot keep their faith by wearing clothes that would easily fit under and over their back brace.

Velocity Dance Convention 1

Velocity Dance Convention


TRANSFORMATION WITH VELOCITY! In the Fall of 2016, Gina and the founders of Velocity Dance Convention decided to create something new for this dance platform. For the past 5 Years, Gina hosted and created Parent and Teacher Empowering and Educational Seminars. Here is what people said. 

Soul Partner2-Gina and Dr Stella
Soul Partner 1

Soul Partner


"Love is the sharing of consciousness."

After almost giving up knowing her soul mate was out there...Dr. David Stella received an intuitive message to message Gina and ask her out for coffee in the fall of 2016. Gina was in the middle of her clothing line photo shoot when she received his message and thought..hmmmm is this for real!?

Soul partnership is real and Gina and David have received each others gifts with ease, joy, grace, and fun choosing to be on each others path.  They call it their Golden Path.  

Six Figure Speaker

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Speaking has been a natural skill for Gina since she was very young. Her passion for teaching, and teaching many many hours in the classroom, led her to becoming a confident speaker around the globe. She started by volunteering in the local school system 3x a week to inspire youth to live their dreams. Her volunteer practice hours of serving and sharing, led her to becoming a prosperous speaker.  Here is how Gina gets people up on their feet. 


Speaker Author Book soulful leadership2
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#1 Amazon Best Selling Author

Speaking has been a natural skill for Gina since she was very young.  Her passion for teaching, and teaching many many hours in the classroom, led her to becoming a confident speaker around the globe. She started by volunteering in the local school system 3x a week to inspire youth to live their dreams. Her volunteer practice hours of serving and sharing, led her to becoming a prosperous speaker.  Here is how Gina gets people up on their feet. 


A Conscious Dance Community

Turning Your Light Up

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Since 2011, I’ve been weaving my lifelong experience of expression as a professional dancer and teacher with my skills as an ICF  Professional Certified Life Coach

to guide  high performers just like you,

to embrace the most powerful, creative, unapologetic versions of themselves and their bodies wisdom. Because I learn that...

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  is being willing to accept and support what is

right now.


refers to a person or people,

   it can be singular and/or plural.




To Easily and Quickly


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