The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out

The Gina Pero Show inspires audiences worldwide to start living life full out with feeling. Her vast knowledge, valuable information, and real-life stories create an experience that will ignite awareness into your heart and soul.

Gina Pero has turned her pain from obstacles such as a brain injury, scoliosis, and reverse bullying into her purpose in serving others.  Going behind the curtain to learn about her and others personal experiences, influences, and triumphs will empower you to take action on the life you really want. The Gina Pero show will feature dialogue from family, professional colleagues, industry experts, and celebrity guests as she goes beyond one’s achievements and into the journey each individual took to arrive at their current destination.

Are you ready to start living life full out?

A 5,6,7,8!

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Doriana Sanchez: World Renowned Choreographer: Brain Tumor Survivor 4/24/17
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Doriana Sanchez: World Renowned Choreographer: Brain Tumor Survivor
Doriana Sanchez is an Emmy Award nominee, World Choreography Award Recipient for Cher D2K Tour. She received a TEA award for Outstanding achievement for the Crane Dance in Singapore Harbor, the largest animatronics and water spectacular in the world.
For Superstar Cher, she has Directed and Choreographed the D2K, Living Proof, Believe and Love Hurts, Emmy award winning Concert tours, as well as Cher’s 3 years sold out residency at Caesars Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas. She is creative consultant for the Classic Cher Show currently at the Park theatre in Las Vegas.
Stage credits include: Senor Discretion Himself, Arena Stage, Washington DC- Helen Hayes Award Nomination, Barry Manilow’s Copacabana, Prince of Wales theatre London, Blade to the Heat, Mark Taper Forum.
Television credits include, the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, The Voice, DWTS, Divas Live, Euro VMAs, Macy’s 4th of July Spectacular, the Oprah Show, GMA, The Late show, Disney Channel and 11 Seasons on So You Think You Can Dance.
She is proud to be an Ambassador for the Global Dance Initiative, a producer for idance4aCURE benefiting pediatric cancer and brain tumor research. She is a member of the UCLA PFLAC, (Patients and family counsel) and is honored to be a UCLA Neurosurgery Courage Award recipient.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Laurie Napoleone 4/21/17
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Q & A: Laurie Napoleone

1. What is important about family and faith?

2. What is one way that you move through the darkness?

3. How can we be a part of The Michael Napoleone Foundation and what is it?

4. What is the mark you want to leave this world with?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Laurie Napoleone: Mother affected by her son’s Cancer 4/17/17
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Laurie Napoleone: Mother affected by her son’s Cancer

Laurie Napoleone has a Bachelor of science degree in nursing from Niagara university, master of science in nursing university of Phoenix- worked many years in direct care of patients in hospital setting- 10 years of ER, then school nurse teacher for 9 years in Batavia at elementary school. She took a leave of absence when her son Michael became ill with cancer. Laurie returned for a year but it was difficult working with pediatric population after the loss of her son. For the past 6 years up to present, she has been a health careers instructor for Genesee valley educational.
Laurie has been married 34 years to her husband Mark, has 4 children and 2 granddaughters and a grandson on the way. “My family and faith are my number one priorities.” She and her family started the Michael Napoleone Memorial Foundation in honor of Michael and to pay forward all the good that was given to her through his illness in 2007. It is a non profit assisting families with the challenges of a pediatric cancer diagnosis. It also supports blood cancer research and assists with funding for youth activities.
We have helped over 300 families with $270,000 worth of support, donated $56,000 to research and 44,000 to youth activities. In addition, a $50,000 donation to the new Golisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester. We are celebrating our 10th year of the Foundation this year.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Karen Turnbull 4/14/17
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Q & A: Karen Turnbull:Handling Cancer

1. What is a way that people can be affected of cancer but not become the effect of it?

2.What ways can you stay connected to God throughout any obstacle and/or cancer?

3. What are you most proud of in yourself ?

4. What can we pray for you and your family?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments: Karen Turnbull 4/12/17
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Empowering Word for Your Soul

Gina replays Karen Turnbull’s teachable moments. These words will empower you to take action on living a life full out. Learn the life skills necessary to live the life you want and be able to handle life’s challenges.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Karen Turnbull: Rediscovering Purpose through her Husband's Cancer 4/10/17
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Karen Turnbull shares her story about her husbands cancer. She has found a new purpose behind her dance career as a teacher and choreographer. During the course, of what is currently a four year journey with her husband fighting aggressive Thyroid cancer that spread to his brain, Karen has been forced to rediscover the gift and true meaning of why she dances. Dance is more then movement to Karen it is a life force, an energy more powerful then fear, an escape form the pain that can be all to real. Battling against the destructive energy of cancer, battling for her husband’s life and for her family’s joy Karen has found a new gift in dance and in teaching. She embraces each day as the gift it is and instills that passion for life in each of her classes. Karen’s students enter her class knowing that each class is about that moment in time. Dance is storytelling, dance is emotion…raw and unfiltered emotion. Bring it all into the studio and onto stage. Life is hard and beautiful at the same time…just like dance!

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Alexa Blair Robertson 4/7/17
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Q & A: Alexa Blair Robertson: From Cancer to Pre Professional Dancer

1. What is one way people can immediately respond to pain?

2. What is “pushing “ mean to you?

3. What is an example of “redefining restrictions?”

4. What is a question you have for yourself deep within your heart?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments: Alexa Blair Robertson 4/5/17
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Empowering Words for Your Soul

Gina replays Alexa Blair Robertson’s most touching words. From going all in to living and leading with your whole heart, this episode will quickly remind you of the freedom and power of choosing. The choice is always ours!

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Alexa Blair Robertson: From Cancer to Pre -Professional Dancer 4/3/17
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Alexa Blair Robertson: From Cancer to Pre -Professional Dancer

16 year old Alexa Blair Robertson is a pre-professional dancer and aspiring surgeon. She currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her parents, two sisters, and two puppies. At age 4, Robertson was diagnosed with a stage 4 Wilms Tumor in which she endured multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation to defeat. Following her battle with cancer, she moved to Raleigh where she began training with CC & Company Dance Complex under the direction of Christy Curtis. Robertson has been dancing competitively with “The Core” for eleven years. Now cancer free, Robertson has spent a decade working with and learning from the best choreographers in the business, and has now begun working professionally. She is equally dedicated when it comes to her academics. A junior at Heritage High School, Robertson obtains a top spot in her school and is involved in a variety of honor societies and clubs. Alexa aspires to pursue a career as a pediatric surgeon after achieving her commercial dance dreams. Alexa actively tries to give back to her community as much as possible by creating philanthropic fundraisers rooted within her dance studio (Operation Love & CC’s Toiletries) and by helping to teach special education classes at her high school. She also aims to raise awareness for childhood cancer by participating in national campaigns such as Dance Hope Cure. Currently, she is apart of the MVA+ program directed by Kyle Hanagami where she travels assisting and learning from the Velocity Dance Convention faculty. Alexa is immensely grateful for every opportunity she has to give back and to continue to grow in every aspect of life.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Tony Testa 3/31/17
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Q & A : Tony Testa : Artistic Director and Choreographer

1. What is one tool that people have to “jump in to life?”

2. What is one way you can move through needing the approval of others?

3.What is it like to work with the non-profits you are working with?

4. What is the mark you want to leave this world with?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments: Tony Testa 3/29/17
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Empowering Words for Your Soul

Gina replays Tony Testa’s most teachable moments. From listening to Gods clues, to jumping all in, celebrating success and failure, this episode will remind you in a quick flash of whats most important and ways to start living life full out.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Tony Testa: Artistic Director and Choreographer 3/27/17
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Tony Testa: Artistic Director and Choreographer

Since moving to LA in 2005, Testa has been an Artistic Director for THE VOICE UK, NICKI MINAJ (AMA’s), ONE DIRECTION (SNL), KYLIE MINOGUE’s “APHRODITE” World Tour, Kpop’s “EXO” Lost Planet World Tour, & 2 Installations for the LACMA MUSEUM. He has Choreographed for JANET JACKSON, JLO, ARIANA GRANDE, BRITNEY SPEARS, DEMI LOVATO, VERSACE, 2 shows for FRANCO DRAGONE, & with MJ on his final project, THIS IS IT. Most recently he Co – Choreographed both the remake of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and DESCENDANTS 2 (in post-production) with mentor & director Kenny Ortega.
Aside from his work in the Pop Industry, Testa’s Creative Activism to has lead him to Direct a documentary for MOVE THE WORLD & to stand behind non-profits such as CREATIVE VISIONS, THE WOODEN FLOOR, THE PAINTED TURTLE, & CREATIVITY HEALS. He was a Guest Speaker for TEDx Palisades, where he used dance to raise awareness about the effects of over-fishing.
Tony Testa grew up training in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Partnering, Break-Dance, & Hip-Hop in his hometown of Fort Collins, CO.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Mario Spinetti 3/24/17
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Q & A: Mario Spinetti

1. How can people be a part of getting their souls on your music?

2. What is your definition of “hearts contents?”

3. What is a tool where people can begin engaging their heart?

4. What is an example of your own marriage in heart and mind and how can we do this?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments: Mario Spinetti 3/22/17
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Empowering Words for Your Soul

Gina replays the inspirational lessons from Mario Spinetti’s episode on Monday.
From awareness of your voice, its tone, and the way we communicate , to connecting to your hearts contents and living an inner purpose with intention in each step. It is possible to live a meaningful and happy life everyday.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Mario Spinetti: Singer/Songwriter, Founder at Voxology 3/20/17
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Mario Spinetti: Singer/Songwriter, Founder at Voxology
Mario Spinetti is especially passionate about singers and singing.

He has spent the last 15 years or so working to develop the artistry of solo vocalists.

Last year, two of his first clients won their first Grammys, and a method of learning that he created was patented in the United States. He also got back into making his own records and published a series of performances on outlets like iTunes and Spotify.

Mario is currently working to develop and produce his first television show — a talk show with a one-of-a-kind, beautiful, and soulful host, focused on the arts. This year and next he will also introduce his patented learning method to a performing arts high school in New York City with talks of building a first-of-its-kind program for young artists.

Mario continues to develop the sound of intentional solo vocalists on a daily basis, and lives modestly in a beautiful landmarked building on the upper west side of Manhattan.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Robert Contreras 3/10/17
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Q & A: Robert Contreras

1. How do you yourself know what to bring into your student’s lives?

2. What work do you choose to do yourself to prepare yourself as a teacher?

3. What is a daily tool that other teachers can use that can benefit their students?

4. What do you hope for our dance industry and dance studios for our future?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments: Robert Contreras 3/8/17
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Empowering Ways to Live Full Out

Gina replays Robert Contreras’s most teachable moments. Listen to ways you can impact a child’s life and begin to know, see, and be yourself.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Robert Contreras: Alignment based Dance Teacher and Choreographer 3/6/17
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Robert Contreras: Alignment based Dance Teacher and Choreographer

Starting dance at the age of 12 he was trained in ballet, jazz, tap & acrobatics by Georgia Lynn Bowden and Jenny Lynn Hashim. He then went on to win such titles as Mr. Teen Dance Educators of America, Mr. Dance Olympus & Mr. Dance Educators runner-up. His professional highlights include: Jean Ann Ryan dancer, Siegfried & Roy, Tokyo Disneyland where he was Aladdin, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines & EFX starring Rick Springfield. He was a back up dancer for Martha Walsh, Mandalay Bay & opening gala for the Wynn Resort. Robert has worked with such choreographers as Jerry Mitchell, Michael Chambers, Missy Cochran & Emmy Award winner Kenny Ortega. He has worked for UNLV Rebel Girls & Treasure Island Resort as co-choreographer of the New Years Celebration show. His work has won national awards such as New York City Dance Alliance’s Senior Critics Choice Award 2013, 2014 Teen Best Performance at The Dance Awards. His dancers have performed in shows such as Sonya Tayeh Dance Company, Stacey Tookey’s “Moments Defined”, & Travis Wall’s “Shaping Sound” . Robert has taught for such conventions as JUMP, Shake & Break NYC, Dance Educators of America and Dance Olympus. Robert’s teaching method derives from Pilates, Franklin Method, Gyro-tonics & Feldenkrias “Awareness Through Movement.” He currently teaches at Bunker Dance Center in Las Vegas.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Holly Sharpe: Fitness and Health Expert 2/28/17
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Holly Sharp: Fitness and Health Expert

Holly Sharpe has 25 years of professional fitness and gymnastic coaching experience through the YMCA and as the fitness manager at the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara. Her passion is a healthy life for everyone, and that every person can be as healthy as they desire. Her interest in fitness began as a gymnast and continued to grow as an adult which she strived to become an ACSM certified personal trainer and a nationally recognized trainer for other YMCA fitness professionals. She now owns and operates Sharpe Training, LLC. “Everyone can have a healthy life.”

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Iman Gatti: Grief Recovery Specialist, Life Coach, Speaker 2/20/17
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Iman Gatti: Grief Recovery Specialist, Life Coach, Speaker

Iman Gatti is a life coach, speaker, writer and grief recovery specialist. She helps people heal past trauma and increase their confidence, self-love, quality of life and income.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Minette Sanchez: Teachable Moments 2/15/17
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Empowering Words for the Soul

Gina Pero empowers you through the key points from Minette Sanchez, internal emerges, healer, author’s episode. “There is only one you.”

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Jessika Maja Magnusson 2/10/17
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Q & A: Jessika Maja

1. What are a couple questions you can ask yourself to start living a life in purpose?

2. How do you make a decision?

3. How can you start to listen to spirit?

4. What is your new book “Shine Your Light” about?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Adam Cates: Teachable Moments 2/1/17
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Teachable moments taken from Adam Cates interview to uplift, uplevel, and inspire your day.
YOU have a gift, are you using it?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Vital Germaine: Teachable Moments 1/18/17
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Vital Germaine’s teachable moments he brings into the world. Be open to a change in direction;Be Authentic, Step into your truth;Show up Fully;Its not Where you start, its that you start;Believe in yourself not your circumstance;Look for ways to grow;Invest in yourself.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Rockettes 12/23/16
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Q & A: Rockettes
1. What is work week like?
2. What is a tool for mental strength?
3. What is a step to trusting yourself?
4. How do you handle the rest of your life while performing as a Rockette?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero 10 lessons from being a Radio City Rockette 12/21/16
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Our host Gina Pero, a former 3 year Radio City Rockette and Gabrielle Del Re Klug, a former 18 year Radio City Rockette take you through their life lessons on and off the Great Stage.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Gina Pero: Radio City Rockette Interview 12/20/16
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Gina is interviewed by Grace Dale, an aspired Radio City Rockette on her very own experience on and off the stage.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Karen Turnbull 12/16/16
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Q & A: Karen Turnbull
1. What has been the key in your relationship with Mike?
2. How has dance continued to enlighten you today?
3. What are 3 things you do daily to stay positive?
4. If you can have any gift right now, What do you want this holiday season?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Karen and Mike Turnbull: Teachable Moments 12/14/16
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Gina speaks to us about what is most important right now in our lives. Taking information from Karen and Mike’s episode on Monday, Gina reminds us what living life full out is and how our past has prepared us for where we are today. Allow this episode to remind you of your values, what you love, and to love and hug those most dear to you.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Karen and Mike Turnbull: A love story among two artists 12/12/16
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Karen Turnbull is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, where she began her dance training. She holds a BFA in Dance Performance and Dance Education from Towson University in Maryland. Before moving to Las Vegas in 2002, Karen lived and worked in New York City, where she performed in numerous musical theatre productions. Karen also had the great opportunity to travel much of the world performing on a world cruise. Her dance training has allowed her to study with choreographers such as Donald Byrd, Mark Dendy, Maureen Fleming, Ellen Stokes Shadle, Pittsburgh Dance Alloy and Urban Bush Women. Karen is also a nationally certified massage therapist and Pilates mat instructor. She joined the full time dance faculty at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts in 2005. Karen’s passion for dance is best seen in the studio where she finds herself surrounded by young artists hungry with the desire to discover their own creativity. Her classes emphasize proper alignment and technique, while also incorporating her desire to honor the inner voice of each dancer.
Michael Turnbull was born in New York and grew up in Colorado. He attended the University of Northern Colorado, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. While there, he was a member of several Downbeat award winning ensembles as well as the Walt Disney World All-American College Band. Mike has been fortunate enough to travel to over 100 countries as a musician. He has done Broadway tours, USO tours and cruise ships. He toured and recorded with Tom Jones for nine years and Donny and Marie for five years. He has also performed with Elton John, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Carole King, Bernadette Peters, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Cab Calloway, Mercer Ellington, The Temptations, The O’Jays and others too numerous to mention. Mike has appeared on several TV shows including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer, Live with Regis and Kelly and The View.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Francisco Gella 12/9/16
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Q & A: Francisco Gella: Master Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Artistic Director

1. How do you define ballet in your own terms?
2. What 3 things do you believe have helped you get you where you are today?
3. What are signs to keep going as a performing artist?
4. Why do you do what you do?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Francisco Gella: Teachable Moments 12/8/16
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This episode will empower you and your loved ones to take action on becoming self aware and live a life in truth. Reminding us all of what Francisco Gella shared on Monday’s episode, Gina talks us through the life lessons and tools that will inspired encourage us to live a life full out everyday. There is nothing that stops us from being our best selves except our mind. Learn, discover , and awaken your heart to life.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Francisco Gella: Master Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Artistic Director 12/5/16
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Francisco’s personal journey has shaped his approach to teaching and dancemaking. He got a late start and didn’t take his first dance class until age nineteen. Fighting through more than his share of obstacles and told ‘no’ more times than he can count, he’s moved on to a successful career. The struggle has motivated him to use a highly refined pedagogy with astounding results, transforming hardworking young adults into remarkable young artists regardless of body type or background, and instilling a belief in them that anything is possible with hard work, a sense of purpose, and a willingness to take risks.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Don Mirault 12/2/16
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Q & A: Don Mirault
1. What is most important in deciding whether or not to perform professionally ?
2. How can parents get information for their children who love to perform?
3. What is difference between dance degree and your school?
4. How can you apply for your school?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Don Mirault: Teachable Moments 11/30/16
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Gina takes us through the key components of Don’s interview from Monday. Learn the business of dance, how to throw away your excuses, get real information on becoming the CEO of your business as a performing artist, and get empowered from the inside out.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Don Mirault: Broadway, Film, Author, Creator of Theatre Arts Preparatory School 11/28/16
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He appeared on Broadway as Zach in “A Chorus Line”, he played Fred
Casely in Bob Fosse’s “Chicago” and you’ve seen him in the Equity
production of “Baby”. He performed the lead adagio in the “Folies
Bergere” in Las Vegas. Don has worked in every dance medium from
Cruise Lines to MTV. He has helped hundreds of dancers launch their
dance careers with his book “Dancing…For A Living”. Don has created
three instructional videos “Lifts…For Your Choreography”, “Lifts…For
Kids and Advanced Lifts and Partner Work.” He conducts adagio classes
across the country specializing in helping male dancers and partners. A
keynote speaker at colleges and universities, Don continues to educate
dancers and teachers on the business of dance and how to become a
professional. A master class teacher and national judge for numerous
competition/conventions including Joe Tremaine, Starpower, Encore,
Rainbow Connection, Talent on Parade, Al Gilbert and many more. He is
the Executive Producer for Doucette Entertainment in Las Vegas.
Entering it’s 10th year, Don is the Producer/Director of GoPro Seminars
and KIDZ ROC a full production theatrical show for kids in Branson,
Mo. He is the owner of Theater Arts Preparatory School in Las Vegas.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Drew Stanley: Teachable Moments 11/24/16
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It is possible to love thy self at age 16. Vision is an important part of self confidence. Learn what wholeness is. Relationships transform us on all levels. self care tools. The power of coaching for teenagers.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Drew Stanley: Inspiring 16 year old 11/21/16
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Drew Stanley is 16 and from Las Vegas. She attends boarding school in NJ. She is self motivated, uniquely gifted, and has a heart of gold. She shares her story, her perspective on life, and how she handles current situations. She is family and faith oriented always giving her best in all she chooses. Get ready to hear insightful information from this beautiful 16 year old woman.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Neil Haskell 11/18/16
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Q & A: Neil Haskell, Hamilton on Broadway
1. How do you stay motivated as a Broadway performer?
2. What kinds of things do you to stay in your best shape in your body and your voice?
3. What are tips for auditioning in NYC?
4. Why do you do what you do Neil?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Neil Haskell: Teachable Moments 11/16/16
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Audition tips, what it is like being in Hamilton, how to stay true to yourself, getting through obstacles such as injuries, and stability.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Neil Haskell: Broadway Performer: Hamilton, Bring it On, SYTYCD + MORE 11/14/16
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Neil Haskell is currently performing the role of Charles Lee in Hamilton on Broadway. His other Broadway credits include Bring It On, Tuck Everlasting, Cinderella, 9 to 5 and The Times They Are A-Changin’. Neil was also an All Star and a 3rd place finisher on So You Think You Can Dance. On screen, Neil has been a featured performer in the films Rock of Ages, Jersey Boys, and The American Mall as well as being a guest star on the TV show Glee.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Doug Penikas 11/11/16
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Q & A: Doug Penikas: Professional Dancer, Actor, Writer, Filmmaker
1. What is one thing you can contribute to your success?
2. How do you handle transitions in your life?
3. What tool do you use to make decisions?
4. Why is Back to 1 a movie that all ages need to watch?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Doug Penikas: Professfional Dancer, Actor, Writer, Filmmaker 11/7/16
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Doug Penikas is a professional dancer/actor turned filmmaker, writer/director. His
credits include Disneyʼs High School Musical 2 & 3, Glee, Eli Stone, How I Met
Your Mother, Elton Johnʼs Red Piano Tour, and Paula Abdulʼs Check Yourself.
He produced, wrote, acted and directed his first feature film, Blood Type:
Unknown with his production company More Brandy Productions which became
an official selection at the Newport Beach Film Festival 2013 and secured
worldwide distribution on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Playstation, Vudu and
YouTube in all English speaking territories. As a writer he has placed in the top
ten for the Burbank Writerʼs Store: Industry Insider Screenwriting Competition
twice. BACK TO 1 is his second feature film.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Rachel Fine 11/5/16
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Q & A: Rachel Fine: Nutrition Expert for Dancers
1. What is a first step to fueling my life?
2. How important is creating a conscious relationship with food in choosing to be a performing artist?
3. What are your 3 favorite snacks?
4. What can I do mentally start this journey with food?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Rachel Fine: Nutrition Expert for Dancers 11/1/16
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Rachel, the founder of To The Pointe Nutrition, provides top quality nutrition counseling to a vast audience from children and trainees to professional dancers and adult fitness enthusiasts alike.
As a dancer and performing artist, Rachel intertwines her passion for ballet and medical nutrition therapy in order to deliver the most attainable, yet scientifically sound, information to her clients. This unique combination of skills provides Rachel with uncommon insight into the human body and its many capacities. Her deep familiarity with anatomy and kinesiology as well as her medical background in nutrition therapy combine to provide her clients with the most accessible, yet scientifically based, information.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Scott Levin 10/28/16
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Q & A: Scott Levin: Dance Dad, News Anchor, Faith is #1

1. What is most important to you right now as a dance dad?
2. What lights you up the most?
3. How do you keep up financially, mentally, spiritually with being a dance dad?
4. What are 3 questions you would advise other dad’s to ask their daughters daily?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Scott Levin: Teachable Moments 10/26/16
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Life Lessons from Scott Levin: Dance Dad, News Anchor, Man of Faith

Father and Daughter Relationship: Relationship with God: Dance: Support: Family: Daily Tools to live a life full out

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Scott Levin: Dance Dad, News Anchor, Emmy Award Winner 10/24/16
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Scott Levin: Dance Dad, News Anchor, Emmy Award Winner

Scott Levin joined WGRZ-TV Buffalo, NY in the Fall of 1998 as the 5, 6, 10 & 11 o’clock evening news anchor. Scott grew up in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, graduated from Wayland, H.S. and then received his B.S. from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. After graduating Skidmore, Scott had a successful ten year business career in Virginia and New York City before he launched his journalism career.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Dana Wilson 10/21/16
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1. What keeps you going in the field of dance?
2. What do you see as a difference in the dance industry today from when you started?
3. What do you think the difference is between training and social media?
4. What are some tools to continue to educate your self and expand your dance and life knowledge?
5. Extra words from the Dana Wilson!

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Dana Wilson: Teachable Moments 10/19/16
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Life Tools from Dana Wilson: Top Performing Artist/Choreographer

Finding the way you naturally move. Her journey into Hip Hop. Being and becoming visible. The importance of habit and ritual. Tracking progress. Social Media. Turning your passion into a profession. Saying “No” and saying “Yes.” Education. Celebrating failure and success.
Gina Pero

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Dana Wilson: Professional Dancer, Choreographer 10/17/16
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Dana Wilson: Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Chief Director of the Bureau of Non Verbal Communication

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Luis Salgado: International Performer, Director, Choreographer 10/10/16
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Luis Salgado is an international performer, director and choreographer, with an acclaimed career on Broadway, film, television, and stages around the world.

Luis is currently performing in his fourth Broadway musical On Your Feet and is credited as co-choreographer for the remake of “Dirty Dancing”, other film and television credits include choreographing 2 animated films for Dora’s Explorer Girls, and music videos for Wonka Inc. and McDonalds’ LR1 single Maña y Corazón. As a performer other Broadway credits include, Rocky the Musical, Women on the Verge… and In the Heights.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Master Body Worker/Healer 10/7/16
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Life Lessons with Master Body Worker Michelle LynRay Dubh 10/5/16
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Michelle LynRay Dubh: Master Body Worker/Rolfer 10/3/16
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Michelle LynRay Dubh’s journey into the body began with Structural Integration in 1993 when she received a 10 session series. It was such a profound life-changing experience and education of the Body/Mind relationship that she wanted to share the work with others. She became a certified practitioner of the Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration in 1997, and received her Advanced Practitioner Certification for Structural Integration in 2015.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Thomas Ralabate: Q&A 9/30/16
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments: Thomas Ralabate 9/28/16
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Thomas Ralbate: Professor/Past Chair of Dept of Theater and Dance SUNY Buffalo 9/26/16
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Thomas P. Ralabate is Professor and Immediate Past Chair of the Department of Theatre & Dance at University at Buffalo/SUNY. He has served in the past as Assistant Chair Dance, Director of Dance, and Artistic Director of UB’s Zodiaque Dance Company. Ralabate has taught for all major dance organizations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q &A with Skin Expert Jane Mann 9/23/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments: Jane Mann: Skin Expert 9/21/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Jane Mann: Skin Expert 9/19/2016
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Jane Mann talks about her story of working for big name cosmetic companies, to starting her own skin care business.  She explains what skin is, what we can do to help our skin, and products to stay away from.  She is highly educated on all leavels and feels it necessary to get to the root of any skin issue.  She gives performers helpful tips on how to keep skin looking and feeling its best from the inside out.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: David Mehler: Healing Pain 9/16/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments: Life Tools from David Mehler: Coach, Speaker, Healer 9/14/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero David Mehler: Coach, Speaker, Healer 9/12/2016
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David Mehler is a coach, speaker, and healer.  In 1994, David had a profound healing experience with a technique that he now practices called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).  For the last two decades, he has been in service to thousands of people offering this technique combined with somato-respiratory integration.  His mission is to sponsor the awakening of people to their true nature.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A : Dawn Smith-Theodore on Eating Disorders 9/9/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments and Life Lessons from Dawn Smith-Theodore 9/7/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Dawn Smith-Theodore: Expert in Eating Disorders 9/5/2016
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Dawn Smith-Theodore has over thirty years of experience as a dancer, dance teacher, and studio owener.  She is also a leader in the treatment of eating disorders, adding to her therapy practice the insights of a dance professional who has personally recovered from anorexia nervosa.  Dawn has treated eating disorders for the past 17 years and most recently served as the Executive Director of the Eating Disorder Center of California.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Justin Martin: Q&A 9/2/16
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Justin Martin: TOP Personal and Business Trainer at LifeTime Fitness 8/29/2016
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Justin Martin moved to Las Vegas in 2014 to pursue a professional career in the health and fitness industry.  He studied physical education and kinesiology at Bowling Green State University, and chose to leave the education field and focus on helping adults enchance their mind, body, and spirit through exercise and nutrition.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A : Kayla Gonzalez: 15: Overcoming Alopecia 8/26/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments and Life Lessons from Kayla Gonzalez 8/24/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Kayla Gonzalez: 15, Creative Spirit, Dancer, Overcame Alopecia 8/22/2016
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Kayla Gonzalez is 15 years old and lives in Henderson Nevada.  She has been a client of Gina Pero’s for 2.5 years and has used the coahcing tools to help her overcom alopecia and increase her dance abilities.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable and Life Tools: Gabrielle Del Re Klug: Professional Ballerina and Radio City Rockette 8/17/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Gabrielle Del Re Klug: Professional Ballerina and Radio City Rockette 8/17/2016
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Gabrielle Del Re Klug is originally from Hanover Park, Illinois.  She has spent her career dividing time between Chicago, New York City, and touring nationally.  She has danced with classical and contemporary ballet companies, as well as the Radio City Rockettes.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Andre Kastan: Q&A 8/12/16
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Andre Kastan : Director & Choreographer: Life Lessons 8/10/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Andre Kastan : Director & Choreographer 8/8/2016
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Andre is one-half of a unique and innovative duo of Director Choreographers whose ability to evoke emotion on a large scale has set them apart from the rest.  Along with partner Leah Moyer they have made their mark all across the world.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A : Performing as a Career : Relationship with Mom: Passion: Coaching 8/1/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments : Life Tools with Cat Ran and Lisa Davis 8/1/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Cat Rian (17, Singer) and her mom Lisa Davis 8/1/2016
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Cat Rian, 17 years old shwaring her story on how she was able to handle certain challenges to continue doing what she loved most: singing.  Her and her Mom share their amazing story, life lessons, and what it’s like to live your dreams at a young age.  This is an incredible story about partnership, overcoming obstacles, and perseverance.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Elizabeth Parkinson: 5 Life Changing Answers 7/22/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments and Life Lessons with Elizabeth Parkinson 7/20/2016
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Elizabeth Parkinson: Dance Legend, Mom, Teacher 7/18/2016
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The insight and life lessons from Elizabeth Parkinson, dance legend, mom, and dance educator.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A : Natural Gifts : Gratitude: Power : Faith 7/15/2016
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